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I am a client with Dee for only a few months now. I'm getting on in years- half a century this year and starting to feel my age. I have had bad knees for many years. I could not walk up the stairs without my knee cracking and hurting, but the real pain and fear was walking down the stair in case my knees gave out. With Dee's help I forget all about my knee when going down the stairs now. I also have psoriasis on my face. I don't really remember not having it on my face. Now after having taken the remedies Dee gave me I now have clear patches on my face and improving all the time and also the dreaded hot flushes have eased a lot. I would recommend you give it a go. I was a sceptic now I'm a believer. Dee is easy to talk to and will help you to the best of her ability.

Deirdre was highly recommended to me by a friend and I was aware she was part of the 'dream team' so I was delighted to have got an appointment. She treated my daughter who was totally out of sorts and having emotional outbursts. Within 2 wks she was like a different child. My little boy was successfully treated with chest support and tissue salts and hasn't had a sniffle since. Finally I was working full time from home with no childcare and my husband working outside the home and I got the support I needed for 'burn out'! Thankfully I too noticed a huge improvement physically and emotionally. Deirdre is a kind, caring lady who truly listens and has so much compassion. She is also a v. professional and competent homeopath. A Gem, thank you Deirdre

Hi Dee, a vastly different experience this month (for the better) I’m shocked that the remedy might work that quick.. I have made a few small changes also - more water - more exercise but wow!! So far so good I can’t believe the difference I’m feeling. Normally I am stuck in the bed for a day or two at a time- I’ve mowed the lawn today, worked and managed to go grocery shopping yesterday... thank you!!!

I had no idea my period was coming because I had none of the usual terrible PMT beforehand and on the day, I had absolutely no cramps and I didn’t need any of my usual heavy-duty pain killers. I’m thrilled.

Since having the remedies my anxiety is so much less, I’m like “who is this person?”

There’s a definite change in his temper. He’s able to be asked to do things now without kicking off and losing it completely

He’s doing so well now in school...the disruptive behaviour is massively reduced and so are the outbursts at home. He just seems a lot calmer in himself

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