Homeopathy in a Time of Covid

Ok. Deep breath… Another deep breath. Nope, this will take another and maybe another.

Well, this is a right old palaver.

I honestly can’t believe we’re locked, down, in and out. AGAIN.

If you’re anything like me, you’re still pinballing between several states of being -a feeling as if this is a nightmare of epic proportions-of astonishment, dismay, anger, sadness…. and the unrepeatable.

Some of you may be feeling a ton of fear and anxiety. Ambushing you in the strangest places, like the shower or late at night in bed.

I’m feeling déja vu of the most excruciating kind. We’re back at the same place. With more being called of us women, particularly. AGAIN. Many of whom I know from my practice come to me already drawing from an empty well.

We women are the often unacknowledged hub of the family wheel- we motivate, and ‘gee up’, we’re the ones who notice when a child or parent or partner is ‘off’ or feeling blue or just ‘not the Mae West’. Long before anyone else does and often before they’ve put it into words themselves.

This stuff just seems to be included in the brief of being a woman- those ‘spidey senses’ that tingle before your child shows symptoms but YOU already knew by the time they got out of bed that morning that they weren’t themselves- when their daddy (with no disrespect to Daddies, I love them though I don’t treat them lol, it’s just us ladies and children) would have sent them to school or training or out to play in that …ahem… bracing wind with no coat for an hour lol

So, we carry the family; with our love, our intellectual and our emotional intelligence, our practicality, our focus and determination, our drive and vision for them -and our intuition- all of the amazing ‘extras’ that we ladies are gifted with -embedded deeply every fibre of who we are, right down to our double X chromosomes.

Here’s the kicker though. Who minds the minder? Who notices that we’re running on empty? That we’re drawing on reserves we don’t have?

This is where Homeopathy comes into its own- where it shines-whether it’s to help you re-balance emotionally, to pull back your sleep-which is like a wild horse, galloping nightly off over the horizon, leaving you stranded, tossing and turning with only your anxious thoughts for company.

Whether it’s to bring your hormonal system gently back into to balance, to soothe the PMT tiger and ensure that your partner lives to fight another month lol.

Whether it’s to help with those crippling period pains that you’ve come to accept as normal, a monthly curse when your middle name becomes ‘Panadol’.

Homeopathy can help all of these things; help you rebalance physically and emotionally- in a time when it has never been as important to feel strong and grounded and fully yourself-like the wonderful powerhouse of energy, feeling, thought and action that those double xx’s make you, make all of us women.

Give yourself a pat on the back for all you do and all you are -and then reach out. Homeopathy can help. I can help❤️

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